Mediation is a reasonable alternative to litigation. Many times, mediation is a much faster, less expensive and less combative form of resolution. When it is virtually impossible for parties to negotiate directly with one another, an experienced third party neutral acts as a buffer between them to work toward an agreement. Judge Nugent’s unique combination of litigation and judicial experience provides a comprehensive approach to dispute resolution.

“Judge Nugent is a lawyer’s judge. A wise and noble, gentle man.”

There are many reasons why using a form of private dispute resolution is often a better alternative than litigation. Some examples include:

  • Avoids the extraordinary expense and emotional toll of protracted litigation
  • Eliminates (mediation) or reduces (arbitration) the uncertainty of a judicial outcome
  • Permits flexible and confidential terms in resolution agreement
  • Enhances likelihood of an amicable resolution
  • Avoids risk of adverse judicial precedent
  • Ensures an expeditious process and resolution beneficial to the maintenance of a continuous business operation

The combination of Judge Nugent’s 35 year career in private practice and 17 years as a Superior Court Judge required an understanding in:

• Complex business matters
• Insurance
• Real estate
• Contract disputes
• Professional liability
• Employment law
• Personal injury
• Environmental